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Just like landlines have been replaced by mobiles, electronic security systems are quickly becoming the standard in every corner of the country. With this advancement comes the opportunity for a career in an industry that is growing and evolving. More and more companies across the country are opting for such systems, and the need for qualified technicians is growing exponentially.

The CCES course focuses on knowledge of the latest electronic security and safety systems right from facial recognition and people counting to visual analytics. It covers hands-on skills such as installation, commissioning, servicing and maintenance in detail via lectures and special demo videos.

The curriculum is designed taking into consideration online delivery as well as the latest requirements of the electronic security domain, creating industry-ready professionals during this slowdown. With this ASTM Academy course under your belt, you can secure your future.

Basic Electronics

Designed for pre-engineering level students this course helps you build a foundation in electronics.

Right from using tools such as cutters, strippers, drilling machines and drill bits to understanding power supply systems for multiple systems like generators, SMPS, UPS etc. this course will give you the foundation you need to work with electronic security systems. 

Next Courses

After this course, you will be ready for the CCTV Installation Course as well as the other modules on Fire Alarm Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Access Control Systems, and Video Door Phones

Topics covered

Introduction to electronics,
Power Supply – AC&DC
Introduction to Electronic Components

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV & IP CCTV)

CCTV systems are becoming a requirement for every home and commercial space. With advantages like video analytics and facial recognition, they offer superior security.

We offer hands-on training with modern equipment such as Cube cameras, IP cameras. Learning functions such as recording and copy creation or operation and features of VMS in a classroom environment will prepare you to do your job well from the first day.

Security consultant trained

As a security consultant trained in the installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and other services this CCTV training module will give you a clear edge over your colleagues.

Topics covered

Basics of CCTV Systems
Image Capturing Systems
Recording Systems
Transmission Systems
Display Systems
Pan – Tilt & Zoom Controls
Networking Setting,
IP Systems related to CCTV

Intruder Detection Systems (IDS)

Intruder Alarm Monitoring Services are a reliable support system for physical security. Door contact, glass break detectors, sirens, motion sensors and other vital components work together for intrusion prevention. Proper installation, maintenance and connectivity of such systems are vital to prevent incidents and loss. Our course familiarises you with various perimeter protection systems and simulations of real-world conditions to prepare you to become a top-notch officer.
proper knowledge
As a security supervisor, proper knowledge will help you provide a world-class emergency management service to your clients
Topics covered

Basics of IDS
Exterior Systems Overview
Interior Systems
Wired Interior Systems
Wireless Interior Systems

Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)

Comprehensive fire safety systems are equipped with the latest technology that detects smoke before it leads to a fire, locate sprinkler triggers in large buildings, and a variety of functions designed for large businesses and premises.

Whether you are working with conventional or addressable systems, its important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your equipment. Practical training and a familiarity with best practices can help you to be on par with experienced professionals.

Topic Covered

Basics of FAS
Conventional FAS
Addressable FAS
Sem-Addressable FAS
Suppression Systems Overview

security consultants
Expert security consultants who perform installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of such systems are valuable additions for any security services firm. With this online security training course, you will be certified to be an authorized technician in a high-demand field.

Access Control Systems (ACS)

Access control systems allow restricted access to certain areas of buildings, setting varying levels of security. Commonly used in offices, and increasingly used in residential areas as well these systems are tied to security and admin functions of small and large organizations.

Installing and troubleshooting attendance monitoring systems, visitor management, connecting standalone systems, or even servicing multi-door systems and operating baggage scanners; with this course, you will be equipped to do it all!

Security executives
Security executives who monitor multi-level systems such as these are often a permanent part of large corporates and also work as freelance security consultants.
Topics covered

Basics of ACS
Cards and Readers
Biometrics Readers
Visitor Management Systems (VMS)
Basics of Software and Hardware
Introduction to Law Enforcement Devices (LED)

Video Door Phone (VDP)

Video Door Phones are multi-component security systems that are mainly used in residential premises. Knowing the various types of VDPs, understanding the architecture of multi-apartment VDPs, their features etc. will help you beyond learning how to install and commission these systems.

Maintenance services for advanced technology are not easily available, making certified technicians a valued resource. ASTM Academy’s course will equip you with the confidence to perform a range of functions from installation and configuration to maintenance and troubleshooting.

electronic security course
With this module of this electronic security course, you will upgrade your profile on a permanent basis. You will be on par with experienced professionals and can even start your own services company.
Topics covered

Basics of VDP
Single Apartment VDP
Introduction to Multi-Apartment VDP

Who this course is for?

If you are looking to get industry ready before you complete your graduation or as an alternative to a formal degree, this course will qualify you for a career in the security industry. Students pursuing electronics can add to their diploma certifications with this course. Each module progressively takes you from basic to advanced levels, helping you qualify for a range of security officer jobs. This online security training course will provide you with the certification to apply for security supervisor roles or start a career as a security consultant in the government or corporate sector.

In just a short time, you can upgrade your resume and progress from internships to well-paying jobs.


Education:– Std 12th and above.
Age:– 18 to 35 years

Course Objective

This is achieved through personalised attention, structured lectures, practicals, training via the virtual digital lab, project work, formative and final assessments, soft skills training, and weekly query-solving online interactions with course coordinators and subject matter experts.

After this course freshers and students with earlier experience have obtained jobs such as customer support engineer, electronic security technician, project engineer, field service engineer, field technician, electronic security system operator, security engineer, service engineer, senior project engineer, service technician, technical engineer, technician/ installer